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Thor's Hammer Marvel Mjolnir 'Worthy' Replica Metal Keychain

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Celebrate Thor the God of Thunder with this heavy duty miniature Mjolnir replica keychain from Marvel Studios Thor and Avengers films! This keychain is styled after the Mjolnir hammer replica prop used in Thor: The Dark World. It is made from pewter and small enough to fit on the key chain in your pocket. As detailed as the weapon from which it is derived, this great key chain is a must-have for Thor fans — or to honor Steve Rogers worthy Captain America from Avengers: Endgame.

More Details:

  • The hammer is approx. 3 inches long!
  • The impressive Mjolnir hammerhead is over 1.5" wide and 1" thick
  • Etched with Asgardian style runes and designs on both the hammer and handle
  • Knotted leather strap
  • Includes stainless steel keyring and clip
  • Arrives on ultra-reflective Marvel printed card backer (as colorful as the bifrost!)