The Witch King (The Lord of the Rings) Bathroom Parody Art Print

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The Witch King Bathroom Art Print
By Bucket Art


Once upon a daydream in Middle-Earth...

'The Witch King had always wanted to retire to the Shire and live out his days frolicking with the hobbits. Now he finally could. He'd spend the rest of eternity reading up on his favorite fantasy books. Game of Thrones and The Witcher were particular favorites of his. No more nasty nonsense over all that pesky ring business, that was for sure.'
- Bucket


The Witch King of Angmar is taking a short reading break in this Lord of the Rings parody art print by Bucket Art: "Sauron's Number Two"

Details to enjoy:

The beautiful airy bathroom and fresh flowers, the Game of Thrones novel, the Gandalf the Grey portrait lovingly framed on the wall, the Witch King's detailed armor, and his faithful Fell Beast pup dozing comfortably at his feet.  This art print is a perfect and hilarious choice for a Lord of the Rings fan. 

  • Beautiful Giclee on Paper prints made in the USA on archival quality premium paper stock.
  • Inks chosen with care to faithfully reproduce the artist's original panting.
  • Unframed paper art prints arrive carefully sleeved, rolled, and safely protected in a reinforced media shipping tube - ready for the frame of your choice!