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Gondor Shield and Banner Lord of the Rings Full-Scale Replica

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Gondor War Shield and Banner (Lord of the Rings) Second Age Polyresin Shield Replica

In the Second Age of Middle-earth, the Dark Lord Sauron stretched his shadow across the land, corrupting and enslaving the people in a gloom of despair and fear. A Last Alliance of Elves and Men was formed to combat Sauron's forces, under the leadership of the Elven King Gil-galad and Elendil, the King of Gondor. Their army clashed against the Dark Lord's forces on the slopes of Mount Doom. The Gondorian army was made up of four divisions: Archers, Swordsmen, Axemen, and Spearmen. The strength and discipline of the Gondorian soldiers made them difficult opponents and their reputation as the finest warriors among the men of Middle-earth was well-deserved. Each soldier carried a weapon in one hand and a shield in the other for protection. These shields were long and broad, made of a number of different layers of wood edged in metal to produce strong, heavy protection, and each was emblazoned with the coat of arms of Gondor.

This prop has been meticulously recreated using an original movie prop in the prologue of The Fellowship of the Ring as reference. The replica stands at an impressive 47 ½" (120.6cm) tall. It is crafted in reinforced fiberglass-resin and features a genuine leather wrist strap and leather-wrapped handle. Close attention to detail was a top priority in every piece, down to the relief heraldry and corroded metal finish. This adult collectible is strictly limited to 1500 pieces worldwide and is individually serialized on a steel plate mounted to the shield. Includes a certificate of authenticity.

More Details:

  • Officially licensed Lord of the Rings War Shield and banner   
  • 44 3/4" x 18 7/8"
  • Limited edition of 1500 pieces worldwide
  • Each piece is individually serial numbered; Includes a certificate of authenticity
  • Cast in hard polyresin, decorated to exactly match the prop
  • Features the Tree of Gondor and Crown motifs in raised relief
  • Comes with a cloth war banner of Gondor
  • Carrying strap and handle on the back side; Mounting hardware for wall display
  • Unsharpened edges.
  • For ages 18 and over.
  • Display only replica - Not for martial arts use.