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ThunderCats Metal Sword Replica

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ThunderCats Lion-O Sword of Omens 47" Steel Replica Longsword With Sheath

The ThunderCats series, The Sword of Omens is the legendary sword wielded by Lion-O, the son of Claudus and Lord of the ThunderCats. The Sword of Omens was shown to be almost indestructible, incredibly durable, and razor-sharp.In the series, it was able to slice through hardened materials such as steel and solid stone with relative ease.

This heavy, well crafted prop replica is solid stainless steel recreation of the Sword of Omens at lifesize full length in its Longsword form.  This life-size replica Sword is a massive 47 inches long! It features the iconic hilt shape in heavy stainless steel with plastic hilt medallion and jeweled accents.

More Details:

  • Approximately 47 inch overall length
  • Approximately 32.5 inch blade length
  • Approximately 15 inch hilt length
  • Almost 9 inch handgrip
  • Heavy stainless steel replica with the iconic red and black Eye of Thundera hilt medallion at the top of the blade
  • Detailed hilt and pommel shape is recreated with heavy solid metal construction and jeweled accents
  • Black Faux Leather Sheath is included
  • Sheath includes metal reinforcement grommet at the tip to guard against splitting under the sword weight
  • Unsharpened, False-Edged Blade
  • Intended for ages 18 and over
  •  DISPLAY ONLY Prop Replica
  • Not for impact or martial arts use.