Khuzdul Dwarven Battle Axe Bronze Pendant

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For the fierce race of Dwarves, there is no finer weapon than a masterfully crafted axe.  This intricate battle axe features the Khuzdul battle cry:

"Baruk Khazâd!  Khazâd ai-mênu!"
Axes of the Dwarves!  The Dwarves are upon you!"

The battle cry is etched into the blade of the axe in Angerthas Moria Runes to strike fear in the hearts of Dwarven foes. Dwarves of all ages looked to the battle cry for strength. Thorin Oakenshield uses it at the Battle of Five Armies in The Hobbit. Gimli uses a variation of the cry at the Battle of the Hornburg and the Skirmish at Amon Hen in The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Details: The Dwarven battle axe is solid bronze and measures 65.5 mm top to bottom including bail, 25.8 mm at the widest point of the blades and 3.5 mm at the thickest point of the axe. The Dwarven pendant weighs 8.3 grams.

Dark bronze finish with a 24" stainless steel rope chain.