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Flame Liberator (Kingdom Hearts) Keyblade of Lea Axel Foam Prop Replica

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"You kidding? Do you know how popular I am? I got loads of people rootin' for me. Sorry, Boss. No one axes Axel. Got it memorized?"

Also known as the Bond of the Blaze or Lea's Keyblade, this blade was once wielded by Lea, the human form of Axel, and could convert between chakrams and a keyblade. The Bond of the Blaze's name references the Bond of Flame Keyblade, and Lea's affinity for fire. Flame Liberator also references Lea's affinity for fire, as well as his desire to free his friends from their fates. This foam replica measures approximately 35" long and is a convention-safe way to honor your favorite Organization XIII member! 

More Details: 

  • Bond of the Blaze Keyblade (Kingdom Hearts) Foam Replica
  • From the tip of the blade to pommel: 35" 
  • This is a high-density foam display-only cosplay prop replica, not for swinging or impact.
  • The handle features a chain tassel with a foam pendant.
  • Features durable heavy-duty polyurethane hard foam with PVC inner core with a a unique handle grip