Enma (One Piece) Zoro's Sword Deluxe Steel Replica (Purple)

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"I'm going to be the world's greatest swordsman! All I have left is my destiny! My name may be infamous...but it's gonna shake the world!!!"

The Enma — The iconic purple katana carried by Roronoa Zoro in the anime One Piece. 

The Enma was originally wielded by Kozuki Oden and is considered one of the 21 Great Grade swords.  After Zoro agreed to leave the Shisui in Wano, he was gifted the Enma by Kozuki's daughter Hiyori. 

Zoro is the swordsman of the crew, known for carrying 3 katanas at any time. Within the anime and manga series, the Enma is a magnificent purple katana with a gold trefoil shaped Tsuba and red tassels (sageo) hanging off the cord.  This steel prop replica katana brings Zoro's favored sword from the anime into reality!

 More Details:

  • Approximately 40" full length.
  • Approximately 26.5" blade length.
  • Unsharpened false edge green stainless steel blade.
  • Gold-tone metal tsuba (handguard) and hilt fittings
  • A replica of Zoro's purple sheath with metal fittings and nylon wrap details is included.
  • Intended for ages 18 and over.
  • Note this is a DISPLAY ONLY Cosplay Replica Katana.
  • This sword is not created for swinging, impact, or martial arts use.
Note: This item is available within the United States only, as armory prop replicas may not be shipped internationally.