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Dungeons & Dragons Adjustable Ring Set Version 2

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Dungeons & Dragons (Ver. 2) Adjustable Ring Boxed Set

Roll with advantage with this set of 6 rings from Dungeons & Dragons!  Inspired by the power and beauty of some of the most iconic magic items featured in the Dungeon Master’s Guide, this set features a variety of rings that can worn together or alone. With adjustable sizes 8-12, you can always find the perfect fit for any situation. 

This ring set features:

  • Ring of Animal Influence - allowing the wearer to befriend (or intimidate) and speak with animals. At 6.2mm wide, this ring features relief artwork on an antique gold-color finish.
  • Ring of Evasion - making up for any dexterity issues the wearer may have, this ring helps to evade damage. Physically gorgeous and quite the fashion statement, this piece features a 19.3mm 3d hummingbird rendered in colored enamel with black gem eyes perched on a gold-color finish ring beset with three faux emeralds.
  • Ring of Feather Falling - the wearer takes no falling damage! This ring is silver and gold-color finish, with the sculpted feather measuring 11mm at its widest point.
  • Ring of Mind Shielding - protecting the wearer from having their mind read…and more! The visually stunning piece is a purple enamel 3D brain atop gold-colored metal.
  • Ring of Protection - Acting like a shield that fits on your finger, this ring helps your armor class and saving throws. It looks…like a shield that fits on your finger, with silver and gold-color finish on a 25.8mm tall shield mounted on the ring itself.
  • Ring of Water Walking - Granting the wearer the ability to walk on water and other liquids, this ring is 7.3mm wide and features a relief water motif with blue enamel on polished metal.

    More Details: 
  • Officially licensed Dungeons and Dragons jewelry gift set #1
  • Set of 6 stainless steel rings 
  • Features certificate of authenticity
  • Customize the ring to fit your fingers with adjustability from sizes 8-12.