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Boromir of Gondor Sword (The Lord of the Rings) Steel Replica

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"One does not simply walk into Mordor."- Boromir 
In The Lord of the Rings book and film trilogies, Boromir's sword was single-handed, big, broad and powerful - a fit complimentary to its owner. To wield it required someone with great strength, which this skilled warrior abundantly possessed. The blade's flattened diamond shape and equally wide fuller reduced weight, yet retained strength in the end of the blade by stopping just short of the tip. The guard, similar to that of his father's sword, showed a warrior's flourish in that it was formed from a square-edged piece of steel that had been twisted before being curved into a crescent. The handgrip was wide like the blade, and the pommel was an elegant and simple piece of steel that added weight to balance the blade.

A wooden display plaque and certificate of authenticity are included. Arrives safely packed in a long box. 

More Details:

  • Sword of Boromir Stainless Steel Prop Replica
  • Detailed wooden display plaque and certificate of authenticity are included.
  • Solid metal hilt and pommel.
  • Genuine leather wrapped hilt grip.
  • 420 stainless steel blade with painstakingly replicated runes of Anduril
  • 49" overall length
  • Steel Prop-Replica Sword is an art piece for ages 18 and over
  • Not intended for impact or martial arts use