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Seven Deadly Sins Premium Fabric Wall Scroll

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In the manga and anime series Seven Deadly Sins, a group of Holy Knights are accused of committing crimes and labelled as a particular sin based on the root moral failing made on their part.

There is;

  • Dragon Sin of Wrath, Meliodas
  • Grizzly sin of Sloth, King
  • Serpent sin of Envy, Diane
  • Boar sin of Gluttony, Merlin
  • Fox sin of Greed, Ban
  • Goat sin of Lust, Gowther
  • Lion sin of Pride, Escanor

This Seven Deadly Sins Premium Fabric Wall Scroll with Aluminum hanging rods represents Meliodas, Princess Elizabeth who sought out help from the Seven Deadly Sins and Hawk the Boar Hat mascot!

Original Fabric Wall Scroll: 

  • 33" by 44" fabric wall scroll with pvc plastic hanging rods.

Premium Fabric Wall Scroll:

  • Size 31 by 44 inches with premium metal hanging rods.