Thanos Infinity Gauntlet (Marvel Hero Collector) 1:4 Scale Prop Replica Statue

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"I am inevitable."

The Infinity Gauntlet is the latest artifact from our brand new Marvel Movie Museum Collection!

Forged by the dwarf king Eitri, the Infinity Gauntlet was designed to harness the Infinity Stones – almighty crystals that could control existence itself. Recreated here with all six stones set into its sockets, this imposing golden glove was central to Avengers: Infinity War, as the Mad Titan Thanos sought the Infinity Stones to achieve his ultimate goal – wiping half of all life from existence!

Hero Collector Museum Series:
The Marvel Hero Collector Museum presents scaled prop replica models of the most iconic artifacts of the Marvel Cinematic Universe — weapons, masks, gadgets and more — in exacting detail. Each miniature prop replica has been lovingly recreated as a  highly accurate, hand-painted resin statue! Perfectly sized for your desk or a favorite shelf, each statue measures roughly 6-8 inches tall.  A plinth base stamped with their movie of origin is included; the finishing touch for a replica to The Collector himself.

More Details: 

  • Officially licensed Marvel Studios Replica
  • Part of the Marvel Museum compact statue collection by Eaglemoss
  • Approximately 7.5" inches tall 
  • 1:4 Scale
  • Arrives in a full color window box