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Sword Art Online: Progressive Barcarolle of Froth Manga Vol. 2

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Having procured a boat, Kirito and Asuna are one step closer to unraveling the mysterious new quest on the fourth floor. However, a sudden encounter with a faction of fallen elves proves to be a hurdle they weren’t expecting or prepared for...Together with his faithful friends, Kirito is certain they’ll clear this task and any new puzzles of SAO that await them. The final volume of Sword Art Online Progressive Barcarolle of Froth concludes with a crash!

More Details: 

ISBN-13: 9781975317553

Anime/Manga Series: SAO Sword Art Online

Author:  Reki Kawahara, Illustrator: Shiomi Miyoshi, Abec

Book Format: Paperback Manga

Page Count: 368