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Shinobi Village Headbands (Naruto Shippuden) Ring Boxed Set

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Unite the Shinobi Villages with this set of 7 rings inspired by the Great Shinobi Villages of Naruto Shippuden! Each ring is designed to resemble a headband worn by the shinobi of each village with a black band molded to look like cloth and a shiny metal plate for the symbol. 

This ring set features:

  • Konohagakure - Leaf Village
  • Iwagakure - Stone Village
  • Sunagakure - Sand Village 
  • Kumogakure - Cloud Village
  • Kirigakure - Mist Village
  • Otogakure -Sound Village 
  • Allied Shinobi Forces

More Details: 

  • Officially licensed Naruto Shippuden jewelry gift set 
  • Set of 7 stainless steel rings 
  • Features certificate of authenticity
  • Customize the ring to fit your fingers with adjustability from sizes 9-13.