Seven Deadly Sins Liz Sword Metal Replica

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"Promise me... Meliodas...You can forget who you are...but never forget the principles you stand by...but as long as someone protects what that person stood for their principles will never die." -Liz

Replica of Liz's sword from the anime series Seven Deadly Sins. Originally a gift to Meliodas, he refused to use a blade because he didn't want to kill anyone. He finally accepted the gift after it was presented to him a second time by Elizabeth. She insisted the sword was a symbol, Liz only wished Meliodas to keep living. It then served as a replacement to the Dragon Handle until it was destroyed in the battle against Albion. 75cm. Carbon steel blade. Comes with detailed leather-lined wooden scabbard.

More Details: 

  • Metal Prop Replica Sword
  • Includes Black Leather Lined Sheath with metal fittings.
  • Unsharpened blade with enameled detail.
  • For ages 18 and over.
  • Display only replica
  • Blade length is approx. 16 inches
  • Whole sword length is approx. 31 inches