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My Hero Academia: Team-Up Missions Manga Vol. 1

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The aspiring heroes of the My Hero Academia anime team up with pro heroes for action-packed missions!

The ambitious Team-Up Missions Program pairs groups of aspiring heroes with pro heroes to go on action-packed missions! Although Izuku Midoriya and his U.A. High friends are thrilled to participate, there’s just one catch—there’s no telling who will be teamed up with whom! From top heroes to students from other classes and schools, anyone could be on the same team.

Midoriya is excited for his first team-up mission until he learns that his team includes the explosive Bakugo. The pro hero they’ve been matched with is also a real wild card. Can this makeshift team cooperate, or will Midoriya’s first mission be his last?

More Details: 

ISBN-13: 9781974721559

Anime/Manga Series: BNHA My Hero Academia

Author: Yoko Akiyama

Book Format: Paperback Manga 

Page Count: 208