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Loki's Scepter Marvel Steel Replica

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Inspired by the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Loki's Scepter was a gold and silver metal staff that served as the original containment vessel for the Mind Stone infinity stone.

Created in celebration of Loki the trickster God of Mischief, this stainless steel prop replica is a jaw dropping life-size and heavy display prop replica scepter Loki Staff.

In the Avengers films, the staff was wielded by Loki to lead the Chitauri Invasion to Earth. This scepter is crafted in high-quality steel with a gold-tone plating.  To recreate the glow of the infinity stone, it features a blue LED light. The staff also includes a pvc display stand.


  • Heavy steel prop replica Loki Scepter
  • Approximate Full Length: 45 inches
  • Gem features blue LED light within translucent casing
  • Prop-Replica Display Staff is designed for ages 18 and over
  • This steel replica is NOT made for impact or martial arts use