Star Wars Jedi & Sith Lightsaber Collector Pin Set 3 Pack

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Which side of the Force do you choose?

Celebrate your love of Star Wars with this collector pin set of 3 sturdy metal pins: A green Jedi lightsaber pin version of Luke Skwalker's lightsaber, a red Sith lightsaber pin of Darth Vader's lightsaber, & a gold tone Star Wars logo.


  • Sturdy 3-dimensional sculpt metal pins
  • Colored enamel & paint detail
  • Star Wars logo pin is about 1.5" across
  • Red and Green Lightsaber pins each feature 3-dimensional sculpted hilt shapes
  • Lightsaber pins are approximately 2.5" long
  • Each lightsaber pin features 2 backings to make it twist-proof
  • Metal butterfly clasp backings
  • Arrives on black Star Wars card packaging