Klingon Raider (Star Trek Starships) by Eaglemoss

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Stowed onboard larger craft forshort-range raiding missions, these small fighters had just enough room for a pilot and a gunner in a cramped cockpit. Yet despite their size, Klingon Raiders played a major part in the Klingon war effort.

This Star Trek die-cast model ship captures the Klingon Raiders organic insectoid look with stunning surface detail and ridges so it feels more Klingon as Dickenson wanted. Its intricate golden wings opened ready to take flight into your collection.

Klingon Raider comes with a 16-page full-color magazine. We look into the detail of the design process of Klingon Raider with Dickenson's original concept sketches, as well as profiling the ship's adventures, and it's history. This ship measures approximately 3.5 inches.