Kingdom Hearts Jack Skellington Pumpkinhead Full-Scale Keyblade Metal Replica

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"I guess we have no choice. We'll have to cancel the Heartless Halloween festival for now. Here, I want you to have this." -Jack Skellington

In Kingdom Hearts Sora is given the keyblade Pumpkinhead by Jack Skellington after unlocking Halloween Town's keyhole.

Pumpkinhead is thin, long and almost entirely black. It has a simple handle and an exact copy of Jack Skellington's bowtie for the hilt guard. The teeth are styled like a bat hanging from the blade. The keychain token is a jack o' lantern.

This full-scale Jack Skellington Pumpkinhead Keyblade metal replica will help any Kingdom Hearts fan, fight off the heartless with ease!


  • Display only prop replica
  • For ages 18 and over
  • Full length is approx. 36.5"
  • Teeth size is approx. 5" by 6"
  • Hilt size is approx. 12"  by 12.5"
Note: This item is available within the United States only, as armory prop replicas may not be shipped internationally.