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Helm of Elendil (Lord of the Rings) Full-Scale Prop Replica with Stand

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Out of the Great Sea to Middle-earth I am come. In this place I will abide, and my heirs, unto the ending of the world."
- Elendil 

Elendil was the wise and fair King of Gondor. For more than an Age, a great darkness covered the lands until Elendil united with Gil-galad to form The Last Alliance of Elves and Men. Elendil, wielding his legendary sword Narsil, led his men to victory against Sauron and his legions of ores in the Battle of Dagorlad. On the slopes of Mount Orodruin, the Alliance managed to drive Sauron's forces back.

After heavy combat Sauron was defeated, but Elendil was slain and Narsil was shattered.

The armour and helm of Elendil were adorned with the feathered wings and crests of seabirds. These emblems represented Elendil's arrival from over the sea in ships that sailed on the wings of the wind The crests of Elendil's helm. were larger than other Gondorian helms, symbolizing his status as King.

This authentically detailed helmet is a reproduction of the prop helmet prominently featured in THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE FELLOWSHIP OF THR RING presented by New Line Cinema. This meticulously detailed helmet is constructed of forged steel with embossed brass decorations, a weathered and distressed finish, and a leather lined interior. It is presented with wood display stand adorned with a brass medallion. It includes a certificate of authenticity and each piece is individually serialized and strictly limited to 5000 pieces worldwide.

More Details: 
  • Officially licensed The Lord of the Rings prop replica helmet
  • Made of forged steel with brass decorations
  • Leather lined interior
  • 1:1 Scale replica of the original film prop
  • Includes wooden The Lord of the Rings display stand
  • Limited to 5,000 pieces
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