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*Clearance* Filo (Rising of the Shield Hero) Sterling Silver Necklace

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The future queen of the Filolials is now yours to command.

A Filolial Queen. Hatching her from an egg purchased from the Slave Trader, Filo is the youngest of Naofumi's allies. She is part of a monster species called Filolials that enjoy pulling carts, and having been raised by a Hero, develops into a Queen. As a Queen, she resembles a large flightless owl and possesses higher attack strength and speed than normal members of her species. In addition, she possesses the unique ability to shapeshift into a young blonde girl with wings, retaining the strength of her true form.

The Rising of the Shield Hero Filo pendant necklace is created by starting with official schematics and casting it in .925 sterling silver. We coat the pendant in a layer of rhodium for lasting protection from the elements and add a layer of 14kt yellow gold overlay on top of the silver to bring an impressive depth to the design.

Includes a combination 16” / 18” sterling silver chain.