Eye of Agamotto Full-Scale Lighted Metal Replica Amulet

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'Forget everything that you think you know.'
- Doctor Stephen Strange

In the Marvel Comics and Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Eye of Agamotto was a powerful relic created by first Sorcerer Supreme, which contained the power of the Time Stone infinity stone held within its center.  The container itself was made in the shape of an Eye (thus the name), and made the Infinity Stone bearable for well trained humans to safely handle.  Doctor Stephen Strange, eventually the Sorcerer Supreme, became one such wielder of the Eye. Can you master the Time Stone? 


  • This lighted, full-scale metal replica is fully wearable.
  • Measures over 3 inches tall and nearly 4 inches across!
  • The amulet's metal 'eyelids' may be manually opened and closed. 

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