Doctor Aphra Volume 6: Unspeakable Rebel

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After a year of close shaves, Doctor Chelli Aphra is taking it easy and lying low. Probably herding banthas or something. She's smart like that, right? No, not really. The galaxy's shadiest archaeologist is back doing what she does best: busting into alien temples to steal horrifying weapons for huge profit. She just can't stop herself. But plenty of other people could. Powerful factions are watching closely: Rebel and Empire, familiar and strange - all calculating whether Aphra's more useful alive...or dead.

Containing: STAR WARS DOCTOR APHRA 32-36

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ISBN-13: 9781302914882

Series: Star Wars: Doctor Aphra

Illustrator: Wilton Santos, Contributor: Si Spurrier

Book Format: Paperback Comic

Page Count: 112