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Demon-Destroyer Sword (Black Clover) Foam Replica

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The Demon-Destroyer Sword was an ancient Anti Magic Weapon found in Gravito Rock Zone's floating dungeon.  Unlike the Demon-Slayer and Demon-Dweller Swords, this weapon has a unique blade end with a wide rounded edge and a clover symbol. 

When first seen, the sword was mostly covered in dirt until Licht picked it up and the dirt fell away off to reveal a shiny blade. After it was absorbed into Asta's grimoire, the weapon returned to its dirt-encrusted form.

This foam replica measures approximately 39" long and is a convention-safe way to honor your favorite heroes! 

More Details: 

  • Demon-Destroyer Sword (Black Clover) Foam Replica
  • From tip of blade to pommel: 39"
  • This is a FOAM display-only cosplay prop replica, not for swinging or impact.