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Batmobile (Batman Forever) DC Comics 1:43 Scale Model

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Batman Forever (1995) brought a lighter tone to the Caped Crusader''s adventures, including a new, more theatrical Batmobile design - complete with bat-wing spoilers! This collector''s model features a detailed backdrop of Gotham under attack. This Batmobile featured bulletproof armor, a powerful jet engine, and a grapnel system that even allowed it to ride up the walls of Gotham''s buildings - though all its technology couldn''t stop Dick Grayson from taking it on a joyride. Its ribbed, biomechanical design was inspired by the works of H. R. Giger, and cast from fiberglass laminate.

These Batmobile Movie Models bring the Dark Knight''s trusty steed to life in immaculate detail, hand-painted at 1:43 scale! Now in collector-friendly packaging, these models come with detailed backdrops and a magazine packed with info on the Caped Crusdader''s most iconic Batmobiles!


More Details:

  • Height (in): 4.3
  • Width (in): 7.9
  • Scale: 1:43