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Spear Hero (Rising of the Shield Hero) Earrings

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Spear Hero (The Rising of the Shield Hero) Spearhead Earrings

"I'm Kitamura Motoyasu. Twenty-one, and a college student."

The Hero of the Spear.  While generally a kindhearted person, he is immensely gullible and thick-headed; showing near complete unawareness of the actions of his manipulative party members or the foresight to plan ahead. Initially the leader of a party composed entirely of women who act as his cheerleaders and, unaware of her true nature, Motoyasu sympathizes with Malty's claims against Naofumi and invites her to join him; initially leading Naofumi to believe the two were working together.

  • The Rising of the Shield Hero Spear Hero earrings are crafted by starting with official studio schematics.
  • For the silver, we coat the earrings in a layer of rhodium for lasting protection from the elements and add a layer of 14kt yellow gold overlay.
  • The center stone is a lab-created cabochon ruby.
  • Hook earrings.