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Brooks and Chopper "Soul Softener" (One Piece) Bathroom Parody Art Print

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"Soul Softener"

A One Piece anime and manga inspired Bathroom Parody Art Print by Bucket Art.

This delightfully quirky bathroom fine art print takes some of your favorite pirates from One Piece, an iconic anime and manage series that's been running since 1999, and drops them it into a bathroom decor piece that will have all your friends asking where they can get one just like it!

This print is perfect for any One Piece fan who wants to add some Straw Hat Pirate flair to their bathroom. 

Important Sizing Note:  Brooks and Chopper Bathroom art print measures 12" by 18" for increased detail and a unique perspective.   It will not perfectly line up with our 12" by 16" sized bathroom art prints. 

Details to Enjoy: 

  • Brooks is seated on the toilet playing his shark guitar
  • Tony Tony Chopper is starry-eyed enjoying the music
  • Sanji has a wanted poster in the top right corner
  • Luffy is waving through the window. 

Paper Art:
Paper art prints made in the USA on archival quality premium paper stock.

  • Inks chosen with care to faithfully reproduce the artist's original panting.
  • Unframed Art print. 
  • Arrives carefully sleeved, rolled, and safely protected in a reinforced media shipping tube. Ready for the frame of your choice.