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Ryuuhou (Firebird's New Year Dance) Azur Lane 1:7 Scale Statue

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"As I have stated many times, I, Ryuuhou, will bring you victory!"

The latest character to join Kotobukiya’s line of 1/7 scale statues of characters from the hit mobile game Azur Lane is Ryuuhou in the “Firebird’s New Year Dance” costume! 

In the anime mobile game Azur Lane, players take on the role of  Naval Commander in an alternate universe version of WWII where they command a fleet of anthropomorphic characters based on warships. Since it's launch in 2017, there have been multiple spin-offs including an anime, several manga and novels, and the PS4 adaptation Azur Lane Crosswave. 

This beautiful statue is based on Ryuuhou, a Light Aircraft Carrier class from the Sakura Empire inspired by the "Dragon Phoenix" aircraft carrier used by the Imperial Japanese Navy. She is depicted in her "Firebird's New Year Dance" skin delicately holding an "ema" (votive picture tablet) and with hair ornaments to drive off evil. 

The gold coloring used for the base yellow theme of the kimono coupled with vivid red highlights creates a beautiful finish on this statue.

More Details: 

  • Officially licensed Azur Lane statue by Kotobukiya
  • Painted 1/7th scale ABS & PVC (Phthalate-free)
  • Approximately 220mm in height.
  • Stand included
  • The talismans on the giant boulder can be affixed wherever the user would like.