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Roach (The Witcher) Wax Melt

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"In truth, though, he was very attached to her and would never trade her for any other horse. Not even one which, when summoned, would never stand helpless in front of a seemingly easily surmountable obstacle, such as a low fence or stray piece of timber. Nor even one which would sometimes, in some incomprehensible fashion, wind up dancing on some peasant's roof. "Well," Geralt would say with a shrug. "A witcher's horse isn't a normal animal. Constant contact with magic beverages and Signs must have left a mark."

-The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Journal Entry

Inspired by Geralt of Rivia's loyal steed with a tendency of teleporting on top of rooftops, this candle smells of worn leather, sawdust, soft earth, and sweet grass.

More Details: 

  • Size: One pack of 6 cube melts; each pack weighs between 2.7 to 3 ounces.
  • Color: leather brown (slight color variations are normal due to the handmade nature of the product.)
  • To use: Pop 1 or 2 cubes out of the clamshell container and place into a electric- or tea light-powered wax warmer.
  • About: Bubble and Geek's soy candles and wax melts are made by hand in small batches, and add the maximum amount of fragrance oil that the wax will allow. It  feature clean, renewable soy wax made from soybeans grown in the USA and the highest-quality fragrance oils.