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Iron Man Nano Gauntlet (Marvel Movie Museum) 8" Prop Replica Statue

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 "I am Iron Man." 

Standing almost 8” tall atop its plinth, this hand-painted resin collectible perfectly replicates the iconic nano-gauntlet – poised and ready to snap!

Six stones – one chance to save the universe! After Thanos wiped out half of all life in the cosmos with a snap of his fingers, he destroyed the Infinity Stones to ensure that no-one could undo his work – and with them, the Infinity Gauntlet that allowed him to wield their power. Five years later, the Avengers devised a plan to retrieve the Infinity Stones from alternate timelines – and Tony Stark led Earth’s finest minds in designing this replacement gauntlet.

Created using the same nanotechnology that shaped Tony’s latest Iron Man suit, this gauntlet adapted in size to match its wearer – whether Bruce Banner’s massive Hulk form, or Tony Stark himself – and allowed its wearer to channel the power of all six stones! It was enough to bring back everyone Thanos had turned to dust – and with one final act of sacrifice, Tony used it to erase the Mad Titan himself. 

Collect the iconic artifacts of the Marvel Cinematic Universe - weapons, masks, gadgets and more - recreated as highly accurate, hand-painted resin models! Standing roughly 6-8" tall on a plinth stamped with their movie of origin, these replicas would satisfy the Collector himself.

Hero Collector Museum Series:
The Marvel Hero Collector Museum presents scaled prop replica models of the most iconic artifacts of the Marvel Cinematic Universe — weapons, masks, gadgets and more — in exacting detail. Each miniature prop replica has been lovingly recreated as a  highly accurate, hand-painted resin statue! Perfectly sized for your desk or a favorite shelf, each statue measures roughly 6-8 inches tall.  A plinth base stamped with their movie of origin is included; the finishing touch for a replica to The Collector himself.

More Details: 

  • Officially licensed Marvel Studios Replica
  • Part of the Marvel Museum compact statue collection by Eaglemoss
  • Approximately 7.68 inches tall 
  • Arrives in a full color window box
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