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Iron Man Arc Reactor (Marvel) Lighted Full-Scale Prop Replica with Acrylic Case

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"Proof that Tony Stark has a heart."

In the very first Marvel Studios' Iron Man film, Tony Stark builds the original miniature arc reactor and prototype Iron Man suit with the help of  scientist and surgeon Doctor Ho Yinsen in order to keep Tony's heart beating after a bomb explosion leaves his chest full of shrapnel.

The original arc reactor was replaced in the first film, and ultimately saved and lovingly given back to Tony by Pepper Potts with the frame "Proof That Tiny Stark Has a Heart" 

This lighted, 1:1: scale (full size) metal arc reactor replica is crafted to recreate the prop seen in the Iron Man film.

The tap-activated Arc Reactor metal prop replica features two LED lighted modes: a solid glow, and a pulsing 'heartbeat' effect.

More Details:
  • The Tony Stark arc reactor comes packaged in a brown cardboard box featuring the label "From Pepper."
  • Plugs in with the included USB cable for lighted effect
  • Includes plastic base and acrylic display case
  • Minor assembly of the base is required.

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