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The Seven Dragon Balls (Dragon Ball Z) Set of 7 Enamel Pins

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"Why have you summoned me? Tell me your wish now." -Shenron

The dragon balls may have no power individually, but once they are brought together they call forth a powerful Eternal Dragon! Shenron, from the Dragon Ball Z franchise is neutral, granting wishes regardless of the summoner's nature or intention. Though he is normally polite and courteous, he will become impatient and annoyed if he considers the wish to be impractical or is wasting his time. 

Finding all 7 dragon balls is an achievable feat with this set of 7 collectible enamel pins!

More Details: 
  • Officially licensed Dragon Ball Z anime pin set
    • Each pin measures approximately 1"
    • Seven metal enamel pinns with butterfly clutch backings
    • Arrives on a Dragon Ball Z card backer