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Pokemon Gen 4 Sinnoh League Gym Badges Pin Set

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Pokemon Diamond & Pearl Sinnoh League Gym Badges - Pokemon Gen 4:

In the world of Pokémon, Gym Badges are essential items a trainer collects on their travels by defeating gym leaders on their quest to become a pokemon master. These badges are seen in nearly all regions in the Pokemon games and the Pokemon Anime. After proving themselves by achieving a set of 8 Gym Badges, a trainer qualifies to compete against in the Pokemon League.


Pokemon Sinnoh League Gym Badges boxed set of eight enamel collector pins. 

  • The Coal Badge ( Roark)
  • The Forest Badge ( Gardenia)
  • The Cobble Badge ( Maylene)
  • The Fen Badge ( Crasher Wake)
  • The Relic Badge ( Fantina)
  • The Mine Badge ( Byron)
  • The Icicle Badge ( Candice)
  • The Beacon Badge ( Volkner)

Pins include metal butterfly clasp backings. This enamel pin set arrives packed in a Pokedex inspired gym badge gift box. The individual Pokedex inspired box packaging may vary.