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Hulk (Avengers Assemble) Marvel Deluxe Funko Pop!

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Avengers Assemble: Hulk (The Avengers) Marvel Deluxe Movie Funko Pop #585

The Marvel Avengers Assemble series is a brand-new initiative from Funko that was previously an Amazon exclusive. The Funko Pop! Deluxe Avengers Assemble series will feature 6 new, unique collectibles, continuing with The Incredible Hulk. This series will capture the iconic moment from the first Avengers movie, where the team circles up, and assembles for the first time. Each collectible will nest perfectly into the next, eventually forming a dynamic 12-inch diameter set piece, with 6 total collectibles. These collectibles feature a level of detail not captured by the original series of Funko Pop! collectibles made for the first Marvel Studios’ Avengers movie. Start your Avengers Assemble series today by securing the second collectible, The Hulk! The Avengers Assemble: Hulk bobblehead is approximately 5.5 inches tall, with a base that is 5-inches wide and 4-inches deep. 

Well known within the fan and collector world—Funko Pop! vinyl figurines have become a fandom favorite unto themselves!  With their stylized animated eyes, large heads, and vibrant full-color window packaging, Funko from your favorite fandom are a welcome addition to any space! 

Whether you free your Funko or keep them perfectly boxed, we give these small and mighty figures our fullest attention! Be confident that all Pops! are packed and shipped with the utmost care for your figures.