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Dragon Ball Z (Series 4) 3D Sculpted Surprise Character Keychain Clip

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Dragon Ball Z  (Series 4) 3D Sculpted Surprise Character Keychain Clip. Each surprise blind bag contains 1 random character from the series.  

Turn your favorite bag or backpack Super Saiyan with your favorite characters from the Dragon Ball Z anime universe! Each character keychain bag clip measures about 2-3 inches tall. The possible figures in this assortment include Goku, Gohan, Future Trunks, Super Saiyan Vegeta, Yamcha, Tienshinhan, Nami, Android 17, Cell and more!

For even more excitement, keep an eye out for the special rare chase bag clips!

Surprise! Surprise! This very special item might have limited "chase" variants randomly inserted throughout the production run. If extra lucky, you could potentially receive one of these highly sought-after ultra-rare collectibles when you order this item! Please note that we cannot accept requests for specific variants upon ordering, nor can we accept returns of opened items. And the item you receive may be slightly different from the standard edition pictured. Some attached images may include a picture of the prized variant.

More Details:

  • Officially licensed Dragon Ball Z anime key chain clip
  • 3-Dimensional sculpted foam backpack clip
  • Measures approximately 2.5" tall by 1.5" wide